Overall NEMT broker process

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Why Nemt Platform

We understand that each NEMT provider operates under unique circumstances. The structure for Medicaid, Medicare and insurance-funded services varies by state; providers may serve primarily urban or rural areas, and may work with a single funder or multiple funders.

NEMT PLATFORM transportation software for providers enables you to quickly build optimized schedules, and has flexible scheduling and dispatch modules that can be shaped to suit individual needs. Other functions include: streamlining back-office processes such as billing, improving communication with drivers, and enhancing client service.

Automated Scheduling

Move beyond paper-based systems and spend less time preparing schedules with automated scheduling and dispatch. Book single or daily batch trips with incredible fluidity.

Real-Time Dispatch

Accommodate same day scheduling changes such as will-calls, last minute trip requests and late-cancellations without impacting efficiency or on-time performance.

Resource Management

Maintain an accurate and complete database of drivers, vehicles and clients.


Receive trip requests from brokers and health care organizations and quickly determine if you can accept the trips.

Claims Management

Faster reimbursements from contracts and other funding sources (Medicaid.) Transactions comply with HIPAA data confidentiality laws and information for audits is automatically captured.

Customized Notification

Automatically triggered reminders can be sent by phone (voice or SMS text messages) or email to reduce costly last minute cancelations. Clients can cancel or confirm with a button press.