NEMT Dispatch Software & Complete Back Office Support

With integration for leading brokers available, NEMT Platform covers complete lifecycle of NEMT Operations from trip parsing and execution to billing documents so you can focus on what's important; growing your business.

NEMT Dispatch Software & Complete Back Office Support
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Why NEMT Platform

Our software is designed to simplify and automate Non Emergency Medical Transportation Business. We can save you 2-3 hours per day, increase driver productivity, minimize cancellations, save time on billing, and help reduce billing disputes from brokers.

Dispatching Save time when planning and scheduling

Minimize driver miscommunication, wasted time, and passenger frustration. Nemt Platform gives dispatchers better visibility and allows them to match trips with drivers in real-time.

  • Real-Time Trip Status & Assignment Updates
  • Interactive Driver Manifest
  • Vehicle Location Tracking
NEMT Platform Dispatching software save time when planning and scheduling

Integrated MappingReal Time Location Data

NEMT Platform is built with advanced mapping software. Our system can automatically calculate mileage, ETA, and travel times on every trip you schedule.

NEMT Platform - Integrated Mapping Real Time Location Data

Schedule Automated, user-friendly scheduling

Put an end to human scheduling errors. Save time doing it with our brokerage importer and smart trip validation algorithms.

  • Intelligent Brokerage Importing
  • Computer-Assisted, On-Demand, & Fixed Routing
  • Integrated Mapping
NEMT Platform Schedule automated, User-friendly scheduling

AI PoweredRoute Optimization

With our state of the art technology, dispatchers can now see a proposed route for all trips with maximum efficiency. Not just that, they can also adjust the trips among drivers manually based on their experience and to handle B Legs effectively. Best of both worlds.

NEMT Platform AI Powered Route Optimization

Billing Get paid on all trips every time

NEMT Platform automates the billing process to eliminate human error, minimize denials, and speed up your cash flow. We support a wide range of payers and brokers. Nemt Platform supports all invoicing formats such as electronic EDI, CMS 1500, paper invoices.

  • Claim Files
  • Pre Trip Log
  • Post Trip Log
  • Manifest Report
  • Trip Reimbursement Form
NEMT Platform - Billing get paid on all trips every time

AI Dashcam Monitor driving behaviour

Boost driver safety in real-time through optional in-cab coaching in high risk situations such as tailgating, no seatbelt, and more, helping drivers practice safe driving habits.

  • Distracted Driving
  • Tailgating
  • Rolling Stops
  • Harsh driving
NEMT Platform AI Dashcam Monitor driving behaviour

Premium Technology Integration

We joined hands with Modivcare to facilitate seamless integration of trips information in our system. Providers can stop worrying about manual file downloads and upload them in different dispatch solutions. They can simply login to our platform and start providing services to members registered with Modivcare.

NEMT Platform Premium Technology Partners

Most Advanced Mapping

Nemt Platform has the most advanced mapping options. So your company can provide better, faster, and reliable service to non emergency medical patients.

Real Time Updates

See your fleet in real time. Match them with nearest patients who are ready to be picked up.

Increase Productivity

Average driver on Nemt Pro App completes 14-15 trips daily. Industry average is 6-7 trips per driver. Get in touch and we will prove it to you.

Our Promise

Every non emergency medical transportation company in our network sees immediate success. Because we help increase their productivity within weeks.

NEMT Platform - Driver app VDC Drivers
NEMT Platform - Driver app dashboard
NEMT Platform - Driver app Assigned Trips
NEMT Platform - Driver app trip details
NEMT Platform - Driver app On scene
NEMT Platform - Driver Manifest View
NEMT Platform - Mobile app Calendar View
NEMT Platform - Driver app Map View
NEMT Platform - Driver app History Details
NEMT Platform - Driver app Time Out
NEMT Platform - Driver app Trip Estimate
NEMT Platform - Driver app member signature
NEMT Platform - Driver app Return Trip Assistance
NEMT Platform - Driver app Dashboard VDC
NEMT Platform - Driver app Dashboard VDC
NEMT Platform - Driver app Create Trip
NEMT Platform - Driver app VDC Drivers
NEMT Platform - Driver app dashboard

Our Telematics Partner

Azuga GPS fleet tracking and dual-facing dashcam solutions are now integrated with NEMT platform, making it easier for you to manage your non-emergency medical transportation operations. Our seamless integration allows you to track your vehicles, assets, and drivers in real-time, ensuring their safety while on the road. With Azuga's advanced telematics technology, you can monitor driver behavior, optimize routes, and reduce fuel costs. Our NEMT platform and Azuga integration provide a comprehensive solution for healthcare providers and transportation companies looking to improve their NEMT services.

NEMT Platform AI Dashcam Monitor driving behaviour

Compliance Certificates from Provider Trust and CDFA

Compliance is crucial in the NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) industry, as it ensures the safety and protection of patients' sensitive information. We are pleased to announce that our NEMT platform has earned individual compliance certificates from both Provider Trust and CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture), recognizing our commitment to meeting the highest standards of security and safety.

Certificate of Provider TrustCertificate of CDFA


What Our Customers Are Saying

“NEMT Platform has been a tremendous help in taking my business to new levels. Using their solution, I have been able to offer NEMT compliant services to some of the largest insurance brokers in Indiana State. Apart from the technical product, their support has been awesome all along.”

A Chaddarh
Hoosier Medical Transport

“We tried multiple solutions before coming onto NEMT Platform. Some allowed good dispatching but the billing and execution of trips was a tough nut to crack. We found the applications very driver friendly with accurate data being taken at every important step and then reflected back in the panel. The ability to see our business financials breakdown via brokers, corporate clients, dispatch jobs is simply awesome.”

Kinsemen Transport

“NEMT Platform has simplified my dispatching process and allowed me to focus on growing my business.”

Lisa M
Metro Medical Transport

“Simple, flexible and unconditionally covering every options a user can think of. Absolutely awesome an ALL IN ONE medium for Transport Providers, Dispatchers, Drivers and Account Holders.”

Mark Steven
NEMT Prime

“NEMT Platform is a must-have for any NEMT provider looking to improve their operations. The app's comprehensive features and user-friendly interface have helped us increase our efficiency and reduce costs. We highly recommend NEMT Platform to any NEMT business looking to stay competitive in today's market.”

Mary Davis
Reliable Transportation

“NEMT Platform has transformed the way we manage our transportation services. With features like real-time vehicle tracking and automate route planning, our operations have become more efficient and effective.”

Victoria Sean
Smart Transportation

“We've been using NEMT Pro app for a few months now, and we're already seeing the benefits. The app's automated dispatching and billing features have helped us save time and reduce errors, while the real-time tracking and communication features have helped us provide better service to our clients.”

Rachel Green
Careful Transportation

“I came to know about Nemt Platform at a conference. I contacted the team and explained my requirements. They had a matching solution ready but they didn't hesitate to modify some of the features according to our needs. I am impressed by their professionalism and highly recommend NEMT Platform to any NEMT business looking to take their operations to the next level.”

Jose M Lizano
Medcare Tranporation Corp

“NEMT Platform has been an absolute lifesaver for my business. They're always available an forever working to improve the customers experience! I must add they helped me to recover thousands of dollars in claim submissions lost though another software company. Thank you NEMT Platform!”

Dasmon Ellerbe

“This app helped me streem line my entire business. thanks for such a comprehansive NEMT solution 5 stars”

Samantha Jones

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