Frequently Asked Questions

What is NEMT?

Medicaid NEMT or Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is a term usually used by Medicaid or Medicare participants to describe a travel benefit that means that qualifying patients can get to and from their medical appointments, clinic, emergency treatment, or hospital. Trips are non-emergency in nature, meaning that there is no imminent danger to the participant's health or safety, and there is no need for life support elements in the car during the ride.For different purposes, patients may need NEMT, such as: absence of valid driver's license, absence of a work car, position or incompatibility for physical and mental or developmental reasons. Patients may be unable to take conventional transportation. NEMT is available to ensure regular and proactive services, improve better health benefits and reduce expensive hospital costs or emergency visits. For chronically diseased individuals including diabetes, cardiac disorders, cancer, COPD or asthma, NEMT is particularly relevant.

Who pays for NEMT?

NEMT is a $5 billion federal- and tax-financed sector and is regulated by the Medicare & Medicaid Services Center NEMT (CMS). Medicaid spending for NEMT over the last five years constitutes about 1% of all expenses for Medicaid that may have major impacts on increased costs of healthcare. A analysis by the State University of Florida finds that if just 1 percent of trips financed skip hospital residence, the reimbursement to the State amounts to $1.08 per $ 1 expenditure in NEMT. With the need for a successful NEMT every year, with more than 3.6 million Americans losing or delayed treatment every year due to transport problems.

What does NEMT actually look like?

NEMT includes a range of modes of travel, including sedans, wheelchair vans, buses, stretcher vehicles, and repayment of miles. Reimbursement for mass transit or long-distance lodging, such as air transport, can be used where the member needs long-distance or non-state care. NEMT encompasses both urban and rural regions and transport is often the easiest and most suitable form of transport, as specified by individual participants on a case-by-case basis.

What is an NEMT broker?

A NEMT broker operates in the most powerful and cost-effective manner to link participants with transport providers. The carriers handle a host of NEMT activities including membership eligibility, network operator administration, credentials of suppliers, travel approval/management/dispatch and reportation. Collaborating States are choosing a dealer based on experience, efficiency, costs and a range of additional factors using a competitive tendering tool.

What is an NEMT Software?

NEMT Software automatically transmit electronic data, increasing billing quality and enforcement with less declined journeys. It also lets NEMT dispatches obtain smoother Medicaid and other contract reimbursements.

What is Nemt Platform and why you need to use our software.

The NEMT Platform dynamically analyzes the regular routes of all non-emergency vehicles in the fleet, finding places where last-minute pickups or single-booking trips will work into the current timetable. NEMT applications and resources efficiently retrieve information that allows users to recognise the sources of performance failures and avoid potential incidents. In addition, drivers are kept responsible for observing schedules for Google Maps integration and are provided with real-time traffic alerts for path changes. When a driver is late for a delivery, a ride will be immediately reassigned by the dispatcher.