How to improve your Non Emergency Medical Transportation Business (NEMT)

How to improve your Non Emergency Medical Transportation Business (NEMT)


Jan 19, 2021

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At, we are all about helping our partners in the NEMT industry with strategies and with non-emergency medical transportation dispatch and billing software.

Everyone needs constant learning to improve their business but in the NEMT business, we need to be more diligent about learning and improving ourselves as well as our business all the time. We as NEMT providers have much more responsibility towards our clients/customers who are either seniors or people with disabilities.

Reviews and feedback of your NEMT Business.

Always pay attention to the reviews and feedback you receive on daily basis. If you are not receiving any reviews or feedback that means somewhere you have a broken link. Make a habit of constantly keeping in touch with your staff and clients. Introduce a process where everyone feels comfortable to provide their feedback. If your NEMT Business has a social media presence or a google business listing, then you might have some reviews by your clients.

Improve your ratings by replying to reviews, feedback, and any comments from drivers or nemt patients.

Late for pickups – Most common Complaint in Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Industry

Most of the customers and brokers complain that drivers are getting to pickups late. The easiest way to prevent late pickups is to streamline and optimize when making your schedules. Always give yourself a 20-30 minute cushion between pickups. You may end up doing lesser trips however, your quality and reliability of service will increase. Nemt patients and brokers love a company everyone can rely on. You will be in the position to negotiate better rates and will get more quality trips.

How to deal with Rude staff – 2nd most complaint in NEMT industry

At NEMT Platform, we are constantly looking to work with companies and we have come across a lot of rude staff when reaching out to companies. Unfortunately, most companies do have rude and unprofessional staff. The most common reason is lack of training and absence of disciplinary actions.

Every company should have 1-2 training sessions a month. This has the quickest ROI (Return on investment) in any business.

Getting more trips in Nemt industry, How can a company provide quality trips and still see an increase in the number of daily trips?

The truth is if you’re providing a good service then everybody wants to work with you. Customers want you to service them and brokers want to give you all of their trips. In such a situation, you can rely on technology. For example, we did a case study with few companies in our network when we built the first version of our NEMTPRO app. We were able to streamline and automate most of NEMT processes. We wanted to build something similar to Uber so it was natural for us to use some of similar inspirations and more.

  1. We included the Uber Pool function: where the driver can pick up multiple passengers at once and drop them off according to the time and distance. All automated!
  2. We use ready bubbles: a feature that is proprietary to our software. In this feature, ready bubbles start popping on dispatcher and driver app screens as passengers are getting ready to be picked up again. This streamlines and optimizes the daily pickups. Leg A is simplified but most importantly Leg b’s are a breeze. During a busy day, you won’t miss any leg b’s just because you got busy.

Most Time consuming Tasks in NEMT industry

Optimize your overall company to save as much time as you can to focus on growing business.

The most time-consuming tasks in the NEMT industry are scheduling and billing.

Numerous software companies provide services with scheduling and billing. You could easily free up 2-3 hours on the minimum from your time by using a service that would schedule your trips and do the billing for you. Now imagine, what you would do if you could get 2-3 hours extra every day. By the way, NEMT PRO saves companies 5-6 hours on average per day. We have truly automated scheduling and billing. Few clicks and you’re done!

If you can provide good customer service and become a reliable company in your area you will grow tremendously. We have several companies who are doing growing incredibly with only a few drivers because they are applying the strategies and benefiting from NEMT PRO features on daily basis. For example, one company started using NEMT PRO with 5 drivers. The first month they did $27k, second month $65k. 5 months later they were doing between $80-95k per month with only 12 drivers. So go on out there, provide a better service than your competition, implement these strategies, become a problem solver, and be on time. Share this with others who might be interested in such content and also share it on social media. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!!!